Contributions and Charges

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Each family in the Nedlands Primary School community is asked to contribute according to a scale set by the School Board.  In 2018, the P & C will provide  additional funding for school programs along with complete funding of the running costs of the School Pool. The Pool Levy is in place of what can be a far higher charge if the school was required to transport the children to a community pool and have children pay an entrance fee.

Costs associated with musical productions, carnivals, assemblies and concerts are just an example of activities funded through this annual family payment.  Payment of the contribution early in the school year would be greatly appreciated.

Parents experiencing difficulties with payment of the contribution are asked to contact the school to discuss this matter in privacy with the school Principal.

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Nedlands Primary School wishes to be recognised by both the local and wider community as a school of excellence. We wish to be seen as the School of first choice for students; a school at which every student strives for and reaches their personal best.

Nedlands Primary School is dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning within an environment where every child matters. We promote a love of learning by providing a student-centred approach, in which individual differences are recognised and catered for as much as is possible.

Nedlands Primary School nurtures positive self-esteem within each child by providing a supportive environment, where children are encouraged to care for and respect themselves and others. We foster self-discipline and the need to accept responsibility for one's own actions.

Nedlands Primary School recognises and encourages the positive contribution of parents and citizens in all aspects of school life. We are committed to open two-way communication and to being responsive to the needs and aspirations of parents and the community at large.

Nedlands Primary School aims to provide each student with the understandings, skills and attitudes that are vital in responding to the changing nature of society and for encouraging participatory citizens of integrity and social conscience.

Nedlands Primary School
School Day
8:30am      Rooms open
8:45am      Session 1 commences
10:45am    Morning Recess Break (25 mins)
11:10am    Session 2 commences
12:40pm    Lunch Break (50 mins)
1:30pm      Session 3 commences
3:10pm      School finishes

Kindergarten and Pre-Primary centres commence at 8:45am (doors open at 8:30am) and finish at 3:00pm
SMS Daily Absence System

We are pleased to advise that Nedlands PS is implementing a mobile phone messaging system to communicate student unexplained absences to parents/guardians.

This new communication system uses Short Messaging Service (SMS) and will send text messages to parent/guardian mobile phones when your child is absent from school (when an explanation has not already been provided).

Commencing Monday 12 June, each morning of a school day, our computer system will automatically send parents a message if a child is absent, that will read similar to this:
NPS records show Frank Smart is absent Mon 12/06/2017. Pls reply SMS or call 9386 2278 with stu name/reason/abs date

The SMS is designed to advise parents that, according to school records, the student is absent and no reason has been provided to the school.

It is a legal requirement that parents contact the school regarding any student absences or reasons for lateness. If an explanation for the absence has been provided prior to 9.45am each morning, then parents will not receive an SMS.

Parents need to be aware that this system is an additional absence follow up service only.  There will be times when parents may not receive a text message due to technical issues.  In cases where you are concerned about your child's attendance, please contact the school directly on 9278 6300. 

It is expected that the use of SMS communication to parents will assist in reducing the number of unexplained student absences and help inform the school and parents as to the whereabouts of every student.  The SMS strategy is already being used across many WA schools as a successful initiative to improve communication to parents and to encourage students to take responsibility for their attendance at school.

An information pack will be sent to all parents/guardians this week to provide more detailed information about the system.  Please read the Information Pack carefully, so that you are aware of the complete details of the new system.  The Information pack will also be available on our School Website ( 

An SMS message will be sent to all numbers listed as Parent / Guardian 1, prompting you to save the number in your CONTACTS LIST as NEDLANDS ABSENCES.  This will ensure that you are able to access the number easily to notify us of a student absence.

For reference, the number to send SMS to regarding daily absences is 0437 287 006.  This number can only receive SMS, not voice calls.

Our staff are currently undergoing training for the implementation of this system, and we thank you for your patience while they put their training into practice.
Further enquiries should be directed to Julie Simpfendorfer on 9278 6300.

SMS Parent information Pack printable pack

SMS daily absences to
0437 287 006
This flyer explains the levels of recourse that the public can go through when they have a concern or issue regarding their child's learning.