Nedlands Primary School
Children Sing Festival June 2017
Government House performance March 2017
2017 String Quartet Performance
National Seniors Convention

Congratulations to our String Quartet players who performed last term on Wednesday 20
September at the RAAFA in Bull Creek for the National Seniors Convention.
Once again, Jimin K, Katelyn S, Erica H and Ben K were wonderful ambassadors for our school not only with their outstanding performance but, also their professionalism and behavior and their enthusiasm when talking to the delegates who came up to thank them at the end.
Sincere thanks goes to Jamie Ho who assisted with the transporting of the students to and from the performance.

2017  Christmas  Concert

With the approach of the end of 2019, it is important that parents begin to make decisions in regard to the purchase of an instrument for their child for 2020. All Year Five students who need to purchase an instrument will receive a note at the end of next week.

The instruments that need to be purchased are:
Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet and Cello.
The only instruments that will remain under the Hire Scheme for next year are:
Violins [for ALL students who are using 1/2 or 3/4 size]
N.B. Students need to purchase their own instrument when they move onto a full sized instrument.
Cellos - Years 4/5
Double Basses - Years 5/6
Baritones/Euphonium - Years 5/6
Students who are purchasing their own instrument for 2020 need to return the instrument they have hired through the school by the last Monday of the school year:
The instruments need to be serviced during the holidays in preparation for issue to new students next year.
Mrs Conroy and Mr Jones.


We are looking forward to this year's Hey! Hey! Talent Quest to be held on Friday 15th November.
Registration Forms will be available from the stand in the Hall next week on Thursday 24th October and are due back Monday 4th November. Forms need to be placed in the box in the office foyer.
A reminder that only students in years 3 to 7 can audition for this event.

Auditions will be held on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th November with the successful items displayed on the Altius Centre doors on Friday, 8th November. This will provide the students in the selected items a further week to rehearse their items.

See Mrs Conroy or Mr Jones if you have any questions.

Testing was completed at the end of Term three and any students who missed this opportunity will be tested within the next two weeks. The results are used as a guide in the selection of students to be offered the opportunity to commence participation in the school's Instrumental Program for 2020.
Information regarding the 2020 Instrumental Program will be sent home by the end of this week to all students in Years 2, 3 and 4.
The number and variety of instruments offered by our school is very extensive as follows:
Violin[commencing in Year 3]     Cello[commencing in Year 4]     Double Bass[commencing in Year 5]
CONCERT BAND:        [All commencing in Year 5]
Trombone / Flute / Clarinet / Trumpet / Percussion. [Private Sax lessons are also offered]
The following criteria are used to select the students:
o Music Aptitude Test [as directed by Dept of Ed Instrumental Music School Services]
o Attitude to music in general as displayed in classroom activities and in Junior Choir.
o Feedback/Interviews with present and past teachers in regard to academic level/ability in math and general attitude. This will also include reference to past school reports etc.
Most places will be offered during the second half of this term - Term 4.
However, a limited number of places will not be finalised until the end of Week ONE of 2020 to allow for any new students who may be eligible.
If parents have any questions regarding the Instrumental Program, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Conroy or Mr Jones.

Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th November
7.00 - 8.15pm
The Altius Centre

Last year we held our End-of-Year Music Concert[s] at school in the Altius Centre. This proved to be extremely successful especially with over 500 parents attending over the two nights instead of the 400 that used to attend the concert when it was staged in the Octagon Theatre.
Although the concert had to be held over two nights to accommodate the parent support for ticket sales, the advantages of staging the concert at school and the opportunity for the students to perform over two nights, were invaluable.
We have marginally raised the cost of tickets this year to $10 so that special staging could be hired to provide tiered seating for the audience. With the tiered staging for both the students on stage and the audience, parents will have a much improved opportunity to see their child perform. The set-up of the staging is not difficult BUT we will need assistance from about 10 to 12 parents on the Tuesday before the concert [26th November] from 12 noon to 2.00pm - details to follow.
The concert will be held over two nights so that we can cater for the 500+ parents and friends who we anticipate will attend. The organisation will be similar to our Winter Concerts that have been successfully been presented over two nights for the past several years. Each evening concert will involve the following program:

Wednesday 27th November [featuring the JUNIOR Choir]

Concert Program - Junior Choir
Year 5/6 String Orchestra
Year 6 Senior Concert Band
Christmas Dance Item
Solo and ensemble items
COMBINED Orchestra/Senior Concert Band
Christmas Sing-a-long in the Altius Centre 7.00pm - 8.15pm
6.30pm students arrive/doors open and (Seating - UNRSERVED)

Thursday 28th November (Featuring the SENIOR Choir)

Concert Program - Senior Choir
Year 5/6 String Orchestra
Year 6 Senior Concert Band
Christmas Dance Item
Solo and ensemble items
COMBINED Orchestra/Senior Concert Band
Christmas Sing-a-long in the Altius Centre 7.00pm - 8.15pm
6.30pm students arrive/doors open and (Seating - UNRSERVED)
We have a wonderful program in store for you and are sure you will thoroughly enjoy the items prepared by the children. The program has been organised to ensure that we finish on time.
Detailed information will go home in a few weeks with the Year 4 to 6 students who will all be involved in these concerts.