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NedsLads is open to all parents and father figures of children at Nedlands Primary School. NedsLads is registered with The Fathering Project. 

Established for children across Australia, The Fathering Project aims to improve child development outcomes by engaging fathers. We know an effective father-figure has a profound impact on his children.

We aim to:

  1. Encourage fathers to recognise how important they are in a child’s life.

  2. Give regular tips, helping and encouraging fathers to positively engage with their children.

  3. Inspire fathers to become proactive parents.

  4. Develop programs and initiatives to reach and inspire more fathers.

  5. Utilise research to develop tips and update our programs so we can keep encouraging positive change in Fathers and families.

  6. Highlight the strong causal link between good fathering and the reduction of issues developing including those across mental health, substance abuse, family and other violence and self harm.

More details about The Fathering Project can be found at the fathering project

If you would like to subscribe to the NedsLads mailing list, please click on the following link...NEDSLADS

If you would like to volunteer your time and/or resources to NedsLads, please click on the following link... VOLUNTEERING

If you would like to contact NedsLads directly, please click on the following link... NEDSLADS CONTACT

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