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At Nedlands Primary School we have a very successful Digital Literacy program. Students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 have access to one lesson a week, 55 minutes, with our Digital Literacy specialist. Digital Literacy empowers students to shape change by influencing how contemporary and emerging information systems and practices are applied to meet current and future needs. A deep knowledge and understanding of information systems enables students to be creative and discerning decision-makers when they select, use and manage data, information, processes and digital systems to meet needs and shape preferred futures.


Technology use is growing and changing every day and it is crucial that our students have both the technical competencies and cybersafety skills to enable them to be smart, safe and responsible digital citizens. When used effectively, technology is an important tool to transform student learning.


Students will have access to a range of tools to explore multi-literacies and understand, evaluate and create information using digital technology. These include laptops, iPads, interactive whiteboards and robotics (Bee-Bot, Blue-bot, Micro:bit). Each teaching space is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and on-hand access to these technologies. Students are provided with practical opportunities to use design thinking and to be innovative developers of digital solutions and knowledge.

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BEBRAS Challenge

Bebras is an international initiative aiming to promote Computer Science among school students at all ages. The Bebras challenge is open twice a year to Australian Students in Years 3-12, and engages students' computational thinking and problem solving skills in a fun, interactive environment.



2023 BEBRAS incoming

2022 Round 1 Honour Roll

2022 Round 2 Honour Roll

Peter - Year 3

James - Year 3

Oliver - Year 3

Johny - Year 4


Arthur - Year 3

Lachlan - Year 3

Jiaxing - Year 3

Fulin - Year 4

Callum - Year 4

Anderson - Year 6

Ethan - Year 6

Eugene  - Year 6


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