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Traffic Flow



The streets surrounding our school suffer from congestion at drop off and pick· up times. Families are encouraged to use active transport (walking, scooting, riding) to get to school, or even park a block or two away and 'walk a little'. Aside from the health benefits, exercise before school has been linked to better concentration in class. Help make our school safe for our children by following these rules: 

  • Cars must only travel in an anti-clockwise direction around school.

  • When dropping off or collecting children, move your car down the drop-off zone as far as possible so that cars behind can enter the zone. Let waiting cars move down first rather than pulling into spaces vacated by cars leaving.

  • Do not allow children to get in or out of cars outside the drop-off zone.

  • Only allow children to get in or out on the kerb side, and make sure your car is completely stationary.

  • At drop-off times, get children to carry their schoolbags in the car so they can get out quickly when being dropped off. Avoid children moving behind your car to get their bags out of the boot.

  • At pick up time, get children to wait at the yacht and watch for your car (if they are not there, do another lap and rejoin the queue)

  • Do not park in the drop off zone

  • No right turn from Elizabeth St onto Viewway in the AFTERNOON - this blocks Elizabeth St traffic.

  • No drop-off or pick-up under any circumstances on Kingsway or Elizabeth St unless parked in a designated car parking bay.

  •  Do not cross the road at the northwest corner of the school (near the Year 7 classrooms). Please use the designated school crossing on Elizabeth St.


City of Nedlands Rangers regularly patrol the area to ensure that everyone follows the rules. Fines of up to $90 apply. Do not park in no-parking zones - you may only intend to do so for a minute, but you impair visibility at intersections. It is critical that motorists can see children crossing roads. 

WA road rules apply around school, for example: 

  • No stopping in intersections or within 10 metres of an intersection (unless signs allow you to stop);

  • No stopping within 20 metres of the approach side and 10 metres of the leaving side of a pedestrian or children's crossing

  • No parking next to double lines

  • No parking where there is a yellow painted line along the kerb (idling is OK, but intersections must be kept clear at all times)

Do not park in neighbours' driveways or on verges. Parents of children in older years who do not have to be collected from the classroom door could consider arriving at school at 3:20pm when there are more car parks free. All students are reminded of these rules at school, so by following them you will be setting a positive example. 

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