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Physical Education

Nedlands Primary School provides a Physical Education Program for all children as outlined in the Western Australian Curriculum. Physical Education at Nedlands Primary encompasses a weekly 55-minute Physical Education lesson, year level Faction sport, Edu-Dance, in-term swimming lessons, faction and interschool sports as well as modelling an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Every student attending our school is involved in a minimum of two hours of physical activity each week.

Faction Sports

At various times during the year, students all have the opportunity to participate in the following Faction Sport Carnivals.

  • Faction Swimming (Years 2 – 6)

  • Faction Athletics (Kindergarten – Year 6)

  • Faction Cross Country (Years 3 – 6)


Inter-school Sports

Throughout the year, the students in Years 3 to 6 compete against other schools in the surrounding suburbs in Inter-school Sports. During Term 1, children participate in the interschool swimming carnival. In Term 2, students are chosen to participate in the interschool winter sports competitions - Netball, AFL, Soccer and Hockey. During Term 2 and 3, the children are involved in Cross Country and Athletics events. 


Our school’s Physical Education Program aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn a range of fundamental and applied movement skills necessary to be able to participate successfully in a variety of physical activities that promote positive attitudes to health and lifelong physical activity participation.

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