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Principal's Message

Semper AltIus, Always Reaching Higher, is a lived philosophy at Nedlands Primary School. Excellence in quality teaching and learning guarantees our students ‘experience the opportunities’ to thrive in every dimension of their personal wellbeing and academic development. 


Our school is successful because:

  • Parents are involved with their children and are parenting effectively

  • Students feel safe and experience a strong sense of belonging

  • Teachers are highly skilled, know the curriculum and deliver the learning in a highly engaging way.

To be a part of the Nedlands Primary community is to commit to the above principles which guarantee the rights of every child, thriving in a learning environment that equally values the personal wellbeing and academic flourishment of each individual student.


​We work with vision. Our learning programs are highly intentional and flexibly considers the context and capabilities of each cohort of learners.  Teachers effectively promote critical thinking skills and students already immersed in rich experiences at home are extended to think as the future leaders and contributors of our society. 


Our young scientists embrace repeated risk taking in their persistence to seek solutions for future challenges.  They are inspired to consider solutions that inspire a positive future for mankind.  Nedlands primary students are concerned with the bigger ideals of life, and are academically nourished to thrive in thought and aspirations.


Nedlands Primary is strongly connected to its community both past and present, actively engaging and progressing our collective understanding, and contributions of First Nations Peoples on this land.

To discover more about Nedlands Primary School please call 9278 6300 for an appointment or alternatively email​


Linda Griffin


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